Waiting For The Ink To Bleed Thru My Soul

Faith Is An Anchor In A Bottomless Sea

24 October 1983
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My Name is Lis. You can call me Lissie if you want. I'm 5'5, brown hair and eyes. I live in Los Angeles. I've lived here all my life and i honestly can't imagine living anywhere else. I've started traveling and i have to admit that now I'm addicted. I want to see what's out there in the world. I've traveled on my own and aside from being bored at times, I've loved it. I like being independent.

Sorry, i rambled. I have a 8 year old brother that i love to hate and hate to love, you know the type. But i guess family is family. They drive you up the freaking wall and then they have their moments where you can't imagine being without them.

Let's see.. what else should i tell you?... ummmm.. oh, i'm Bi and damn proud of it. I'm all for the Gay Rights so if that upsets you.. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS LJ.. I don't need more fucking drama than the one i have already.

I'm open to any form of expression. I myself write poetry and it seriously eases me when i let my words just flow out. Sometimes i feel like something else.. something hidden guides my hand and it's an amazing feeling because i feel bigger than myself at those moments.

Music is life. I don't write it but i can't imagine my world or just the world in general without music.

If you want to friend me, drop me a comment. I love having new friends. they add to the happy that is this journal.

Life is a random series of events that lead us to our destination

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