Lissie (ilovesn) wrote,

Merry Christmas... Well, It's Almost Here.. EEP!!! :D


*laughs* LJ WORLD that is

i wanted to update.

I SUCK majorly, i know, i know.

First of all, i wanted to thank all my AMAZING friends for the Snowflake Cookies. They're beautiful and they made me feel loved

Thank you for thinking of me and all : D

If you want to see who are, go to my profile page *winks*

Second, Alas.. i still have no job but i was thinking of sending out a few Christmas Cards (Digital ones)

So if you'd like one, email me: or PM me here with your email address. I know, i'm lame *sighs*

No pressure :D

Third: I updated the frame that my best friend gave me.

I filled it with pictures and i'd like to share it :D

I don't know if you recognize him but the guy in the black and white pictures is Todd Tashwick From Monster Movie. He's amazing ;D

To my bestest friend, B.. Thanks. Now my wall is full of me *laughs*

Sorry that i don't post as much as i should, i'm a lurker *lurks* but i want you all to know that each and every one of you mean alot to me. You're an amazing support system and all around great friends and people

*sends hugs and kisses*

Hope all of you have a great Christmas, New Years and all holidays in between.

Love ya :D
Tags: christmas, frame, friends, pictures
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