Lissie (ilovesn) wrote,


Well, i didn't get the temporary assignment i thought i would get.

I'm been looking for work every single day.

I admit it, i haven't done a damn thing this week.

I've just been home.

Today is Friday. I usually watch Ghost Whisperer and stuff..

Anyway. I'm watching it then i hear a scream.. someone shot a neighbor's sister in the head.

Her brother was crying and screaming.. there's nothing like hearing that.. and the sad part is that it's not the first time i've heard it.

One of my other neighbors asked the brother if she was okay but he said she was dead and i guess she saw her because she started screaming "Oh my god, she's dead.. she's dead" over and over again.

And then after that there were 3 other shots....

I'm sorry if i brought you down but i needed to talk about it. It's not my story but god, that poor girl. I didn't even know her but no one should have to see their sister, daughter, friend die like that.

I hate people.. HATE THEM. Them and their fucked up issues and their fucking guns.

It's all a bunch of bullshit. It's in the news. It's outside my fucking door it's everywhere.

This is why i always hated going out at night.

Because all the fucked up people come out.

*cries* it's just soo messed up.

I'm trying and trying to find a job right now. Trying to have something to look forward to because i've been depressed lately.

So pray for me and if you'd like, humm for that girl and her family. I don't know them but i would never wish that on anyone.
Tags: friday, life, stuff
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